Top 3 Online Threats and How to Prevent Them with Webroot?

Webroot has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in the world of cybersecurity. By providing a wide
the range of security solutions (each with different security features and advanced specifications) to the
consumers and businesses, Webroot is striving to make the digital world a safe and secure platform for
every computer user. To begin with, you can simply choose a suitable antivirus program and then
proceed to Webroot installation and activation.

Once you complete these processes, you can prevent your device from the impromptu attacks of the
viruses, malware, and hackers. Moreover, you can also fight against these most common internet perils:

Credit Card Fraud:

With the growing trend of cashless transactions, cybercriminals are finding new mediums to hack the
confidential information of users. According to a survey, 50% of the credit card scams are conducted
online by means of spyware. To avoid becoming the victim of such frauds, make sure you submit your
personal details to the websites with “https” in their URL. Moreover, get Webroot anti-spyware
software protection from its online store. To know more about this, call the Webroot technical support phone number and get in touch with an expert.

Identity Theft:

Have you ever got your purse stolen? Identity Theft in the digital world is precisely the same. When
someone uses the financial information provided during online shopping or online transactions for ill-
purposes or to commit a crime, identity theft takes birth. It can be rightly said as the criminal abuse of
users’ personal identifiers.

Cybercrooks can use it commence mortgage scam, services & commodities scams, and more. Whenever you visit a website with spyware running in the background to store your keystrokes and online habits, you take one step ahead towards the trap. To avoid this, get Webroot SecureAnywhere and download it via After the successful Webroot activation, the antivirus software creates a protection layer around your device and also ensures the privacy of your digital world.

Frequent PC Crashes:

Latest viruses, spyware, and malware have adopted a new way to look into the information of the users
by causing its software and applications crash frequently. The time a computer user spends to fix out the
issue becomes the golden opportunity for the spyware. To prevent this, you should always keep a
Webroot antivirus (Call Webroot support number to get the step-by-step instructions to download,
install, and activate a Webroot antivirus) active on your PC.

Almost all the anti-viruses and security software from this world-renowned cybersecurity firm comes up
with a built-in firewall and anti-spyware protection that combat such threats. Get the one today to
secure your online world.

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